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Semi-Franchise Opportunities

The restaurant industry is tough, and getting tougher! Delivery services are sending food straight to people, more are ordering their shopping online, and spending on luxuries like eating out is falling in many countries due to poorer economic circumstances. It has never been harder to draw people in and turn a profit as a restaurant owner.

It has never been tougher for you to make it work.

This is made worse by the fact that rents in cities across the globe are rising. You have to fight off more competition for your spot. And while many places can make money pretty much all hours of the day, as a restaurant owner you are only turning a profit at very limited hours over peak times at lunch and dinner.

Luckily, the MO Cafe in a Restaurant semi-franchise program is here to help!

This is an opportunity unlike any other because it doesn’t require you to change your business at all. We just add more to it. We do this by setting up your restaurant with our patented MO café recipes, to operate like a full-fledge café. You run your normal business through lunch, then as the rush slows down, you can run your restaurant as a Café. This will draw in all those morning and afternoon coffee lovers, and make you money!

In the evening you can turn your venue back into a restaurant in time for your next peak with zero inconveniences.

The beauty of this is that we offer you maximum profit, with minimum disturbance.

Who Are We

Having first launched in 2017 with our first location in Courts Megastore, we set out with one mission: to take the drab world of cafés that all looked identical and make them colorful.

We instantly stood out with our bright cafe design that offered people a place to not only enjoy our coffee but the experience we provided. It turns out, people were quite keen on the idea! We do not just rely on a great design and bright colors though, as we also pride ourselves on providing the best coffees around, and make sure that we are not just colorful, but flavourful as well.

We have searched across Asia for the best beans available, and with our bean to cup oversite of the entire process, we are proud to say that the final product truly delivers!

With our appealing design, fantastic product, and fair prices, we have grown and grown since first opening in 2017 and are now giving you the opportunity to join our success.

What We Offer

What we are offering you then, is an opportunity to take advantage of the brand we have built, by adding to your restaurant a MO Café in a Restaurant between the lunch and dinner time peaks each day. We already have hundreds of loyal customers, time to make them your customers too!

This will offset the quiet period you would normally be closed or making minimal money, by catering to a different customer base and offering a service perfect for morning and afternoon customers.

While this may sound like a lot of work on your part, we have perfected the process to make setup for you as easy and pain-free as possible.

We provide comprehensive staff training and all of the equipment you need to make the process to be as smooth as our coffee!

Together, we will jointly help promote and market your restaurant to increase your customer base.

With a proven brand and established franchise, the customer base is ready-made for you. All you have to do is sit back and profit.

How Can You Profit

With everything set up, increasing your profits comes all too easily!

Enjoy increased business in your normally quiet periods immediately. We offer NO franchise fees, NO monthly royalties, and NO monthly minimum purchases so that almost all of that added profit is yours to keep.

Don’t keep on struggling to keep your head above water, take a different path, and get in touch today.

Increase Revenue

Have been wondering why cafes are always full of customers?
Now, your restaurant can give cafes a run for their money with your very own
MO Cafe in a Restaurant